Australian Grown 


Avocado Pulp

$5.95 p/500g


$7.90 p/kg

Blueberries $10.25 p/kg
Mixed Berries $9.95 p/kg
Mango Cheeks $11.95 p/kg
Mango Puree

$7.50 p/L

Pineapple Chunks $9.95 p/kg
Raspberries (Broken)

$9.95 p/kg

Strawberries $7.90 p/kg








Imported Fresh Frozen Berries & Tropical Fruit



                          Convenient pack sizes:

                                 - 1kg Bags or

                                 - 10kg Cartons (consisting of 10 x 1kg bags)

                                 - Recieve 10% discount when purchasing 10 or more of ther same item.




Blueberries 1kg 

$8.90 p/kg 

Wild Blueberries 1kg

$9.50 p/kg

Mixed Berry 1kg 

$8.90 p/kg

(Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Redcurrants, Blackcurrants & Sour Cherries)



4 Berry Mix 1kg 

$6.90 p/kg

(Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries & Raspberries)


Boysenberries 1kg 

 $9.50 p/kg 

Cranberries 1kg 

$8.50 p/kg 

Blackberries 1kg 

$8.50 p/kg

Raspberries 1kg

 $11.25 p/kg 

Redcurrants 1kg

$6.90 p/kg

Red Sour Cherries 1kg 

$7.50 p/kg 

Dragonfruit Diced 1kg

$8.50 p/kg

Dark Sweet Cherries 1kg 

 $8.90 p/kg

Plum Halves 1kg

 $4.95 p/kg

Mulberries 1kg

$6.95 p/kg

Coconut Pieces 1kg

$9.50 p/kg

Banana Slices 1kg 

$5.50 p/kg

Mango Dice 1kg 

$7.90 p/kg 

Pineapple Chunks 1kg 

$7.90 p/kg 

Tropical Mix 1kg 

$7.95 p/kg

(Diced Pineapple, Diced Mango & Papaya Chunks)


Papaya Chunks 1kg 

$6.50 p/kg 




Frozen Vegetables


Try our Fresh Frozen Vegetable Range. Ask about our additional varieties in store now. 


Chopped Spinach 1kg

$5.50 p/kg or

$12.50 for 2.5kg

Rhubarb Cuts 1kg 

$6.50 p/kg 

 Frozen Fruit Puree & Pulp




 Acai Puree

Original Acai Puree 4x100g


Unsweetened Acai Puree 4x100g $8.95
Performance Acai with Strawberry & Protein 4x100g $12.95
Super Greens with Kale & Spinach 4x100g $10.50
Acai Coconut Creamy Sorbet Tub $14.50
Acai Berry Sorbet Tub $14.50



Raspberry Puree Cubes - Seedless 1kg 

$9.95 p/kg 

Strawberry Puree Cubes Seed Out 1kg

 $8.95 p/kg

Mix Berry Puree Cubes Seed Out

$7.95 p/kg

Passionfruit Puree Cubes 1kg

$8.50 p/kg



Passionfruit Puree Seed In 1kg

$9.50 p/kg


Passionfruit Puree Seed Out 1kg

$9.95 p/kg