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Fresh Frozen Berries, Tropical Fruit & Fruit Purees

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Frozen Fruit
 Receive 10% discount when purchasing 10 or more of the same items in the 1kg.*
*Discount given on pick up of imported products only.


4 Berry Mix 1kg

$6.80 p/kg

(Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries & Blackberries)


Blackberries 1kg 

$6.90 p/kg - Europeon

$4.40 p/kg 

Mixed Berries - Gourmet 7 Berry Mix 1kg

$5.90 p/kg

Amazing selection of European and Australian Grown Frozen Berries packed into 1kg bags

(Includes: Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Sour Cherries, Redcurrants & Blackcurrants)



Blueberries 1kg

$6.95 p/kg

Awesome and sweet



Wild Blueberries



$9.90 p/kg

These fantastic little morsels of goodness are smaller than your

average blueberry, are sweeter in flavour and higher in nutrients.

Picked from the wild these blueberries are grown as nature intended.

Boysenberries 1kg

$8.50 p/kg

Cranberries 1kg

$6.90 p/kg

Redcurrants 1kg

$6.90 p/kg

Raspberries 1kg

$7.50 p/kg

$8.50 p/kg - European/Chilean

Blackcurrants 1kg

$7.90 p/kg

Strawberries 1kg 

$5.90 p/kg 

$8.50 p/kg - European

Dark Sweet Cherries 1kg

$7.60 p/kg 

Red Sour Cherries 1kg

$8.30 p/kg




Coconut Flesh 1kg

$4.50 p/kg




Mango Dice 1kg

$6.90 p/kg

Mango Cheeks 1kg 

$7.80 p/kg 



Banana slices

$5.60 p/kg

Dragon Fruit 1kg

$9.95  p/kg

Sea Buckthorn 1kg

$15.90 p/kg



Frozen Fruit Puree & Pulp
  • Each tub has a "snap-on" lid allowing for easy resealing
  • Receive 10% discount when purchasing 12 or more of the same puree (Pick up only)

Acai Puree 500g

$7.90 p/500g


Make your own Acai Bowl. 

Avocado Pulp 500ml

$5.50 p/500ml

Banana Puree 1 Litre

$5.50 p/L

Passionfruit Pulp 1 Litre

$7.80 p/L

Mango Puree 1 Litre

$9.50 p/L

Raspberry Puree 1kg

$7.50 p/kg

Strawberry Puree Nuggets 1kg

$5.50 p/kg 

Frozen Vegetable Range
Try our Fresh Frozen Vegetable range. Ask about our additional varieties in store now.

Rhubarb Cuts 1kg

$5.90 p/kg


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