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Nutritional Value
Nutritional Value of Frozen Fruit is the same as Fresh Fruit. Independent research shows that selected fresh and frozen fruits have relatively equivalent, if not greater nutrient profiles with the snap freezing process locking in the fruits natural qualities without nutrient loss.  If fact, fresh fruit which has sat at the markets, then at the greengrocer and then in your fridge for a week or more before consumption will have greatly reduced vitamin levels.

Reverse aging with berries
Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries have 12 times the antioxidants than most fruit including apples, pears and bananas. Studies show that eating these fruits daily can help reverse both brain and body aging (USDA).
Frozen berries are the most nutrient and antioxidant dense because they are frozen at their peak of ripeness. They often contain more anti-aging power than fresh berries. They don't have to deal with the long journey from when they were picked until they arrive at the supermarket.