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Organic Snap Frozen Berries, Tropical fruit and Vegetables
Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMO's.  Standards to achieve this are internationally recognised, and are assured through annual audits of all certified operators by an independant third party auditor.
No Artificial Pesticides, Herbicides or Fertilisers
Organic Snap Frozen Berries and Tropical fruit

Organic Mango Chunks 350g 

$10.95 per 350g 

Organic Mixed Berry 350g 

$7.60 per 350g

(Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries & Strawberries)



Organic Raspberries 350g
 $9.70 per 350g 

Organic Strawberries 350g 

$7.50 per 350g 

 Organic Pineapple


$9.90 per 500g

Organic Sweet Cherries

$8.90 per 350g


Organic Sour Cherries

 $8.90 per 350g

(Currently Sold Out)

Organic Blackberries 350g 

$9.50 per 350g

Organic Blueberries 350g 

$9.50 per 350g 


Organic Wild Blueberries



$8.95 per 350g



Organic Snap Frozen Vegetables

Organic Kale - Chopped 600g

$9.90 per 600g

Organic Green Peas 600g

$9.90 per 600g

Organic Green Beans 600g
$9.90 per 600g 

Organic Corn Kernels 600g

$9.90 per 600

Organic Spring Harvest Mix 600g

(Peas, Corn & Carrot)

$9.90 per 600g 

Organic Broccoli

$9.90 per 500g

Organic Cauliflower

$9.90 per 500g

Organic Chopped Spinach 600g

$9.90 per 600g 

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