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About FrozBerries
FrozBerries was established with the goal to pack and supply the very best quality frozen berries, tropical fruit and purees available in Australia and provide the best service to its customers.  We are able to tailor our products and packaging to meet your requirements. Whether its a 1kg bag of berries or enough to meet your bakery, jam, gelato or juice bar's production requirements, we can accommodate you accordingly.

Our company is committed to quality, reliability and service. For this reason we are continually adopting new technology, packaging and fruit varieties as our ongoing commitment to our customers. Our staff are focused on supplying our customers with FrozBerries very Best.
Where does our fruit originate from?  We endeavour to buy Australian wherever possible. Our Mango Cheeks (Halves) and Puree are sourced from Northern Queensland. We have occasional supply of Australian Blueberries.  However, due to harsh climatic conditions, very limited quantities of frozen berries and purees are available commercially in Australia. Our Boysenberries, for example, are sourced from lush growing regions in New Zealand and are the worlds best. Occasionally, we will buy Raspberries from Europe and, of course, Cranberries are not grown commercially in Australia and are imported from the USA
About Elgin Organic 
It was established to offer an alternate option to conventional frozen products. All Elgin Organic products have been sourced from recognised organic farms. Elgin Organic-Sydney has been certified by Australian Certified Organic who are accredited to certify organic operations in Australia.
What does Organic mean?
Organic farming prohibits the use of toxic and persistent chemicals in favour of more ?earth-friendly? practices that work in harmony with nature.  Organic systems recognise that our health is directly connected to the food we eat and, ultimately, the health of the soil.  Organic farmers aim to produce good food from a balanced living soil by using crop rotations to make the soil more fertile.
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